Reframe Your Reference

Main Scripture: Genesis 12:10-20

Brenen Beeler March 3, 2024

Everything we view in life is based off of a FRAME OF REFERENCE. Normally, we view every situation that we go through by our own perspective but to gain a greater perspective and to build greater faith, we can view the situations we go through from God’s perspective. In this message from Genesis 12:10-20, Pastor Brenen shares how Abram and Sarai’s marriage looked like it was over, but even when something seems like it is over naturally, God can still work supernaturally. The Bible is filled with story after story of people and situations that looked like all hope was lost but God saw them through. If God saw them through, then we know He can do the same with you! Discover the importance of changing your perspective to God’s, in the message: “REFRAME YOUR REFERENCE”.